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Inflatable Tube Service

Inflatable tubes will last considerably longer if regularly serviced. We can service the tube of your RIB, dinghy or other inflatable craft and rectify problems before they get worse. This is particularly important at the beginning of each season, as we all know that prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure...

Most inflatables that have seen use for a few years will have lifting edges, frayed patches, and other minor faults and defects that can make youre rib look tatty, aged, damaged or unusable, fortunately we can usually fix that and get you back on the water, all it usually takes is a quick call and to get yourself booked in

what we will do

first we will access the rib tube, inflatable and fittings, then we will test the valves for leaks, if the tube is known to be leaking we can identify the leak area. once the tube has been accessed we can price up repairs and discuss with you the next step and your options