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Inflatable Tube Repair

Inflatable tubes will inevitably get damaged over time and through use. Depending on the nature of the problem, repairs on your inflatable can range from a simple patch, right up to a complete overhaul. Usually when carrying out rib repairs we will do our best to disguise it, make it symmetrical and more visually pleasing. We carry out a wide range of tube repairs / re-gluing, adding accessories such as handles, life lines, anchor points, wear patches, paddle holders and other cosmetic improvements.

Mobile RIB Repair Service

We offer a Mobile Repair Service where we will come to your location and get you back on the water. However location, weather and temperature will be a determining factor. For more information contact us.

Inflatable Repair Products

Complete Overhaul of Inflatable Tube

Inflatable Tube Repair, Weymouth - BeforeThis RIB repair was a complete overhaul...

this repair consisted of 13 leaks repairs, tread-master removal, broken handle removal, front 3 pannels both sides covered with fresh fabric, new lifelines, new handles, various stick downs, clean, polish,

Inflatable Tube Repair, Weymouth - AfterThe same RIB with its repaired tube, looking very smart and ready to get out on the water.

Repair Inflatable Tube Dome End

Inflatable Tube Dome End repair, Southampton- BeforeThis RIB required repairs on the tube's starboard dome end. The rub-band had detached and there were a few small punctures below the waterline..

Inflatable Tube Dome End repair, SouthamptonA new rub-band was installed and the punctures repaired.