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Inflatable Tube Cleaning

Your RIB or inflatable boat will get dirty, especially if you do not keep it covered when not in use. If your craft is looking dirty and you don't have the time to clean it or you have tried but there are still marks on it. We can help. We have special products and techniques for cleaning Hypalon and PVC (the most common tube construction materials). Why not give us a call and let us do your dirty work for you?

Avon Dinghy Clean

Avon Dinghy Full Clean - BeforeThis little Avon dinghy was in dire need of a complete clean. It's rubbing-band had also fallen off adding to its sad appearance, when in fact it was still in good serviceable condition otherwise.

Avon Dinghy Full Clean - AfterThe top half of the little Avon dinghy really came up well and with the rubbing band re-glued in place its got a new lease of life. The lower half of the hull still requires cleaning, you can see where I wrote HELP in the grime.