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Videos - RIB repair, SUPs and Other Inflatable Craft

Videos of Inflatable Boats repairs. RIBs, Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP), dinghies and other inflatable craft. Also, videos on other useful skills that will come in handy when boating. You can check out our RibFix Ebay Account for RIB and inflatable dinghy stuff for sale.

Paddleboard Repair Using PVC Glue

A short how to guide on making a repair to a PVC Stand-Up Paddleboard. Watch Paddleboard Repair Using PVC Glue video on YouTube.inflatable paddle board repair

Repair Hypalon on RIB or Inflatable Dinghy

How to repair Hypalon on your RIB or inflatable dinghy. It's reasonably easy when you know how... The correct amount of sanding on Hypalon is critical. Here are some examples of when you sand for too long or press too hard.. Watch Sanding Hypalon Ready for Repair Patch video on YouTube.

Splicing a Rope - A Very Useful Boating Skill

A quick how to guide on splicing a loop onto the end of a rope such as a mooring line. This useful skill has many uses on RIBs, SIBs, SUPs, dinghies, anchors and in boating in general. Watch Splicing a Rope video on YouTube.

Avon Dinghy Repair and Clean

This was a repair and deep clean job on an old Avon dinghy. It was looking very sorry for itself when it was brought to us but it 'brushed up' very well. We refitted the rub strip, repaired the transom edge and fully cleaned the dinghy. The customer was very happy and so were we at the result. It just shows that it's never too late for an overhaul. Watch Avon Dinghy Repair and Clean video on YouTube

Repair Leafield C7 or D7 Inflation Valve

How to repair a leafield c7 and d7 valve also used in Henshaw, RibCraft, Cobra, Pascoe and many other manufacturers. Watch Repair Leafield C7 or D7 Inflation Valve video on YouTube.

You can buy Leafield C7 or D7 Valve Repair Kit on our Ebay account.

RIB Repair - Old Scorpion RIB New Lease of Life

Some before during and after work carried out on a customers Scorpion cabin RIB. The tube was quite badly deteriorating and adding a new layer to the top will certainly give her a new lease of life. Watch RIB Repair - Old Scorpion RIB video on YouTube.

PVC Dinghy Repair and Valve Change - Zodiac Dinghy

A repair on a PVC Zodiac Dinghy and then a Leafield valve repair. Watch PVC Repair and Valve Change - Zodiac Dinghy video on YouTube.

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