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Emergency Inflatable Tube Repair

Nothing is worse, you arrive at the marina or boat yard with your friends and family and all your gear. Ready for a great weekend adventure. But upon arrival at your RIB, you see that there is a problem. The tube has deflated!

Emergency repair is required but you don't have the tools, equipment or know-how to quickly resolve the problem.

Call Ribfix. We may well be able to come and sort you out. So, why not give us a try and save your weekend!

Emergency Repair of Punctured Tube

Puntured Tube Dome End - BeforeThis RIB had a scuff under the waterline on the dome end. Soapy water revealed that it was also the site of the puncture causing the slow air leak. An emergency repair was required to save the owner's planned boat trip...

Puntured Tube Dome End - AfterThe area surrounding the puncture site was thouroughly cleaned and prepared for a patch. The patch was glued on and the tube subsequently re-inflated to operating pressure. The planned boat trip could then proceed.